Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers -- strong, competent, capable mothers-- who trust themselves and know their inner strength."

- Barbara Katz Rothman

Ensuring families feel safe, empowered and heard.

Hannah Murfet and Ashley Demmitt are sisters (in-law) who joined forces to hold space for women and families as they transform through the birth and postpartum experience. We believe that encouragement, coaching, and education can make the difference between an overwhelming experience and a fulfilling one.  Learn more about Hannah and Ashley's experience here:

Hannah Murfet

Certified Birth Doula, Therapist

Ashley Demmitt

Certified Postpartum Doula

A Supported Mama has

...A more positive birth experience

...Increased confidence

...More rest                       

...Better postpartum mental health

Virtual Doula and Therapy Services

Now Available

Doula 101: Private consultation to learn what to expect during the laboring process, pain management techniques, and strategies to keep labor moving. This one-on-one session will help you and your labor support person feel more equipped for the big day! Virtual support available during labor. 

Postpartum Support: Have access to a postpartum doula for all questions about newborn care, feeding, recovery and nutrition. Have someone to talk to, process your birth experience with, and get encouragement from. 

Telebehavioral Health: Therapy sessions available through video chat to address challenges like anxiety (before or after birth), postpartum depression, PTSD, and adjustment to parenting. 

Check out our Doula Packages and Mental Health Services for more information

What People Are Saying:

"Wow! I don't even know where to begin. I could never thank Ashley enough for all she has done for us. She is the reason I stuck with breastfeeding and got through those first couple weeks. She is the reason I feel comfortable and safe co-sleeping. She is the reason I understand why my baby gets fussy at night. She is the reason I committed to cloth diapering because I didn't feel as overwhelmed learning something new with her help. I don't want to know what my mental and emotional state would have been without her...I have so much appreciate and gratitude in my heart for Ashley!"
-Local mama

The Supported Mama is based in Peachtree City, GA and serves the Atlanta and South Metro Atlanta area, including: 

Birth Doula/Therapist Ph: (404) 735-9707

Postpartum Doula Ph: (678) 612-7752

The Supported Mama knows families originate in many different ways and our services are inclusive to all.

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