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Tess Ferrara - Sept 2022 - Copy.jpg

Hello, I'mTess!

Postpartum doula  serving Atlanta 

and surrounding areas

About Me

When I first became a mother, I was an educator. My teaching philosophy focused around inquiry - questioning everything we read and think we know in order to collaboratively arrive at an understanding. Little did I know that my work in the classroom would carry over into my parenting. Like many parents, I would arm myself with all the research I could find to navigate the growth spurts, crying fits, acid reflux, sleep regressions, and emotional yoyos my hormones threw my way. I also found myself reaching out desperately to anyone who understood this stage and this transition. So, after three births and a miscarriage, I decided to formally put into practice what I naturally did for my friends - caring for mamas and newly shifted families.


Having moved to Atlanta 5 years ago from the Midwest, I’m in awe of how many resources there are in Atlanta, but it can be overwhelming to vet them (especially at 2am when you’re exhausted and baby is fussing and cluster feeding for the 4th time that night). Connecting people with other members of a postpartum support team is particularly exciting to me!


I humbly approach the postpartum period with curiosity, resources, humility, and awe. I believe that parents know their babies best and that parenthood is messy. I believe in the power of encouragement and laughter and acknowledging the perfect absurdity in some moments. And I believe that it is all important work that we don’t have to do alone.


When I'm not loving on mamas and their families, I am chasing my boys to all the sports and activities, baking, hiking, and falling asleep during almost every movie I watch. I look forward to working together! 

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