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It takes a village to support a growing family. Here is a list of providers that we are proud to know and work with! 

Breastfeeding Support

Brittany Edwards; The Mama Coach; PTC area


Angela Orenczac; Inspired Motherhood; PTC/Fayette area 

Kiana Ayers; Mamas and Tatas; South Atlanta area 

Katherine Morrison; Atlanta Lactation; Atlanta area 

Julie Champeau; Grow Together Lactation;  Atlanta area (offers a free online intro to breastfeeding)

Pelvic Floor PT

Jennifer McGowan; Regenerate PT; Fayetteville area; 

Katie Moise; ATL Pelvic Health; Atlanta area; 

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractor: Kelly Glowacki Barnette; Gathering Wellness Collective; Newnan area

Chiropractor: Mitch Wade; Corrective Chiropractic; Tyrone

Chiropractor: Samantha Brooks; The Brainery;  PTC and Atlanta Area

Prenatal Massage and Other Bodywork

Prenatal Massage: Sarah; Clay Murfet Performance; PTC area

Fetal Positioning & Spinning Babies Specialist: Christina Pruitt; PTC area

Craniosacral: Michele Le'Ro; Four Winds Wellness-Craniosacral Therapy

Overnight Postpartum Doulas

Lauren Hise; Baby Moon; Atlanta area; 

Meagan Taylor; Take Care Mommy; Atlanta area; 

Megan Blackburn; Newnan Area 

Birth & Newborn Photographers

Stephanie Counts; Senoia Area

Christina McKeeby; PTC/Newnan 

Faryl Seabough; Newnan Area 

Nicole Garris; Newnan Area 

Homebirth Midwives

Christine Taylor; Birth by Grace Midwifery Services; Based in Tyrone

Crystal Hanner; Village Midwifery; Atlanta and South Atlanta area

Tracy Cuneo; Graceful Birth Services; Senoia area

Tanya Trail; Laboring Hands Midwifery; Atlanta and South Atlanta

Pediatric PT/OT

Kim Baugh (DPT); Babies First; Fayetteville area

Julie Champeau (MOT and CLC); Grow Together Lactation;  Atlanta area; 

Social Clubs

Mesh Moms; Atlanta Area 

Circle Moms; Atlanta Area 

Here We Grow ATL; Atlanta Area

CPR & Feeding Classes

Brittany Edwards; The Mama Coach; PTC area

Pediatricians & Wellness for Mama

Just Us Kids;Newnan 

Vibrant Kids; Newnan

Functional Medicine: Elise with Stat Wellness; Virtual and PTC

This is a list of providers we have personally met and vetted. If you are a provider and want to be added to this list, feel free to reach out to start building a relationship with us!

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