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Hello, I'm Hannah!

Therapist and childbirth educator serving Fayette county and the states of GA/FL

About Me

Ever since I can remember, my reputation has been “the girl who loves babies.” I sought every opportunity to learn about pregnancy, birth and infant development, knowing that one day, I would get to work with women as they welcome their babies into the world. I have been preparing for this time in my life for years and I am so grateful to have arrived!

I thought I knew enough about birth before I got pregnant. Once I saw that positive test, I wandered into my local birth center out of curiosity...not realizing I was about to be introduced to a whole new world. The veil was lifted as I was educated about my choices, body mechanics, and the importance of the emotional experience of birth. I realized there was so much more than what I knew... and I wanted to learn it all! Once I learned more, I knew I needed to get this information out there!

Ashley and I decided to put our passion to work- and The Supported Mama was born in 2019. We were both working in the field of Social Work at the time and realized that our professional skillset complimented our passion for improving support for women in the perinatal period. I certified as a birth doula, while Ashley certified as a postpartum doula. Our goal was simple: support moms through birth and postpartum. Give them back their power and their confidence.

While I started out as the doula, I have sharpened my focus on therapy and childbirth education.  We are so lucky to now have an amazing team of birth doulas who embody our same passion and carry the support into your birth space! Together, we create a full continuum of care-- from childbirth education, birth support, postpartum support, therapy, postpartum support groups and playdates! 

I live in Peachtree City with my gregarious husband, 2 amazing kids and our unusually social cats. I am a proud member of the "I didn't think I would move back to PTC, but here I am" club...IYKYK. When I am not working, I may be found on the golf cart with my children or sweating in the hot yoga studio. 

The Supported Mama is based in Peachtree City, GA and serves the Atlanta and South Metro area, including: 

  • College Park

  • Decatur

  • East Point

  • Fayetteville

  • Griffin

  • Jonesboro

  • McDonough

  • Newnan 

  • Peachtree City

  • Senoia

  • Sharpsburg

  • Tyrone

  • Union City

Give us a call!

Birth Doula/Therapist Ph: (404) 735-9707

Postpartum Doula Ph: (678) 612-7752

We love that families originate in many different ways and our services are inclusive to all.

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