Hannah Murfet,


Ever since I can remember, my reputation has been “the girl who loves babies.” I sought every opportunity to learn about pregnancy, birth and infant development, knowing that one day, I would get to work with women as they welcome their babies into the world. I have been preparing for this time in my life for years and I am so grateful to have arrived.

I gave birth to my first child in 2017. I considered hiring a doula, but decided against it because I thought I had enough support- I had my family in town, a great midwife, and I was giving birth at a place who knew me and respected me. While the birth of my daughter was a positive experience, I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like if I had hired a doula. We had a home birth for our second child. And this time, I hired a doula. She was truly monumental in achieving my goal of being more engaged and confident through the birthing process!


My role as your doula is to support your decisions and help you feel as confident and calm as possible. No matter how your baby is born, I want every mother to feel the full excitement, confidence and pride that comes with welcoming a child- without any fear in the way.

I live in Peachtree City, GA with my gregarious husband, spirited daughter, laid-back son, and unusually social cats. I am so excited to serve the community in which I live!