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Postpartum Doula (DU - la): A trained professional who offers emotional support, physical support, practical support, and evidence-based information to mothers during the postpartum adjustment period to ensure a smooth transition for the mother and her family. 

Our culture places a lot of emphasis on birth and babies including baby showers, birth and labor classes, newborn photo shoots and registries filled with the latest and greatest things for baby. While focusing on the baby and their upcoming birth is extremely important and exciting, focusing on yourself during this crucial period of transformation from woman to mother is equally valuable.


This is where a postpartum doula steps in. Postpartum doulas have the honor of providing evidence-based and compassionate care for new mothers during those first few weeks home with their baby. 

Mothers who work with a postpartum doula:

  •      Are more likely to establish and continue breastfeeding, if desired

  •      Are less likely to experience postpartum mood disorders such as depression or anxiety

  •      Experience increased and earlier bonding with their newborn

  •      Experience a smoother transition into parenthood, partner and sibling(s) included


Ashley is passionate about postpartum care and is an advocate for greater access to postpartum resources for new mothers. Postpartum is a complex and transformative time, one that deserves more than just a 6 week health check up and a few weeks of maternity leave. Many cultures understand this unique period in a woman's life and respond by lovingly wrapping the new mother in support. Often times the tradition insists the mother and baby rest together for months while other women tend to the mother's healing body, her other children, and her household duties. Ashley believes these traditions are lost in our current culture and is working to normalize and prioritize them as the standard of care we provide to new mothers.  

Click here to learn more about the doula packages offered by The Supported Mama. 

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