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for individuals & couples 


Preparing for your baby requires more than a gift registry. So often, I hear parents say they "just didn't know" - didn't know their choices, didn't know how to prepare, didn't know how to support their partner.


Knowledge is a key ingredient to a positive and empowered birth experience. After this class, you will feel informed and prepared to be active participants in your birth! You and your partner will feel ready for the initiation into parenthood, each prepared for your own roles. From pregnancy to postpartum, no topic is off the table. I take care to provide unbiased information - All  people are welcome. All birth preferences are supported.

We want this class to feel comfortable and welcoming for mamas and partners --- casual (but informative) discussion over food and drinks, with some hands-on-activities! Partners are an essential part of the birth team; we want them to feel included and confident in their role! Each class will last 6 hours and will include pizza, snacks and drinks.

Topics include: 

  • The physiology of birth

  • Considerations when determining birth preferences (your choices, your rights)

  • Preparing for labor and delivery

  • Comfort Management

  • Preparing for postpartum

This class has a emphasis on the importance of feeling safe and respected through the birthing process. Establishing a feeling of safety is critical for your emotional wellbeing and the physical process. 


Who: Great for individuals in all stages of pregnancy. Recommended for first-time parents, those looking for a different experience, or those just needing a refresher!

Group facilitated by Hannah Murfet (therapist / birth doula / childbirth educator).

Where: hot yoga PTC

                400 Westpark Court

                 Peachtree City, Ga


  • January 7: 1-6pm

  • March 17: 1-6pm

  • May 19: 1-6pm

  • August 4: 1-6pm

  • October 6: 1-6pm

  • December 1: 1-6pm

(includes  dinner and lots of snacks!)

Private in-home classes are also available +$75

To Begin Registration: 

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