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Hello, I'm Leidy!

  • Birth and postpartum doula serving Fayetteville and surrounding areas.

  • Passionate about movement in labor/pelvic biomechanics

  • Transplant from Colombia, via New Jersey!


Birth Doula Rate: $1,250

    About Me

    The birth of my first child and the invaluable support of my doula inspired me to begin my very own Birth Services journey. For the last ten years I’ve passionately researched ways to improve the experience for mothers, babies and families. I have furthered my training by taking courses through Active Birth Institute, under the mentoring of Crystal Sada, a wealth of wisdom, with 40 years experience in the birth community.

    Firmly grounded in my respect and trust of the innate power and wisdom of our bodies, I aim to provide support and evidence-based informational resources to help parents discover and manifest a birth that is gentle and positive. I strive to also help you create a postpartum space that is conducive to holistic recovery and family bonding.

    Every family I have supported through birth , as well as my own unique, magical births have imprinted in me the profound impact this passage has on our lives- mothers are born, families are created and transformed. Evidence shows that continuous support with an open mind and heart is a crucial component to positive outcomes.

    My goal is to help you achieve a birth experience that makes you feel satisfied: empowered by compassion, knowledge and informed consent. It would be my honor to accompany you through the most powerful and vulnerable time in your life: the threshold of motherhood.

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