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Couple Hugging

Couples Therapy.

"We are able to not only heal relationships, but to create relationships that heal."

                         -Sue Johnson

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a therapeutic approach that is grounded in attachment theory. All humans have attachment needs, longings and fears- we need to feel loved, important, and valued by those we have an intimate bond with. When we do feel this connection, we feel safe, happy, at ease, and even playful. In contrast, when we have moments of disconnect with our partner, we feel pain, frustration and loneliness. These are the moments when relationships can get “off-balance.” Our protective moves may start to take over as a way to manage the pain and try to re-establish or protect the connection in the ways we know how. These moves may look like – getting angry or even pulling away. Unfortunately, these same protective moves can lead to a challenging dance with our partner, often landing us deeper into disconnection. 

I can help you and your partner identify the negative cycle that is happening within your unique relationship. You will gain clarity as we begin to untangle your experience and better understand the emotional needs of yourself and one another. We will find new ways to share your emotions and needs with each other. You will learn how to hold each other’s vulnerability in a way that fosters intimacy, safety and bonding.

It is truly a beautiful process that improves connection and communication in relationships! I cannot wait to show you.

Lastly, EFT principles have been used to create weekend intensives for couples and families. If you are interested in a weekend intensive as a couple, you can learn more about them here. The Atlanta EFT community is strong and these Hold Me Tight weekends are a great way to jumpstart your work together as a couple! 


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Therapy services are provided through Hannah's private practice, Clear Mind Therapy Group.


Whats the connection between Clear Mind Therapy and The Supported Mama?
Hannah and Ashley started The Supported Mama (TSM) together in 2019. TSM was born out of a passion to support women as they transition into motherhood- originally offering birth and postpartum doula support. We have since evolved to offer childbirth education classes, baby basics classes, and - for a long time- therapy was offered under The Supported Mama as well! I made the decision to bring therapy under its own business as a way to be inclusive for families seeking support and to grow the practice. We don't *just* work with pregnant and postpartum moms and I wanted the business to reflect that- we welcome dads, couples and even families. The Supported Mama remains a strong and united business and we will continue to offer birth support to our community! You can access therapy through The Supported Mama or Clear Mind Therapy Group!

Do you only work with moms?
Definitely not! While maternal mental health is my niche, I love working with individuals and couples in all stages of life! 

Where is your office located?
Right now, I exclusively offer telehealth services. I can provide therapy to anyone living in Ga or Fl.

How do I get started?
Reach out to me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation! We will discuss what you are looking for and I can answer any questions you may have to help you decide if I am a good fit. You can email me at to set up a consultation. 

How much does a session cost? 
My rates, availability and insurance information can be found on the Rates & Insurance page.

How long does a session last?
Individual therapy sessions last 50-60 minutes.
Couples therapy sessions last 75 minutes. 

What will happen in our first session?
For individual therapy: Our first 1-2 sessions will be spent getting to know each other. We will talk about what is currently going on in your life, any symptoms you are experiencing and what you want to accomplish. I also like to "go back" to your childhood, to understand how you grew up and what made you who you are today.

For couples therapy: We will begin with a joint session to talk about your goals as a couple and the history of your relationship. After that, we will do an individual session with each of you. This is important so that I can understand your own history and how this is brought into your relationship. Once we have completed the individual sessions, we will resume our joint sessions!

How long should I go to therapy for?
This is a difficult question to answer, but here are my thoughts... some people come to therapy to work through a specific challenge or life event. If you have a clear mission, then we can work together until you feel the mission is accomplished. Some people come to therapy with a broader goal of deepening self-understanding or to make a more fundamental change in their daily life. This type of work is on-going and may wax and wane. We will work together for as long as you want, often changing the frequency of our sessions. EFT couples therapy 

Since we are doing telehealth, can I have my child with me during our session?
I protect your session time just for you - I would love for you to do the same! I ask that children crawling and beyond have a designated caretaker during sessions. Infants are welcome to join the session, if that is your preference. I kindly ask that other distractions and multitasking is limited so we can focus on our work together.

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