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Birth Doula Services 


Leidy Groomes

Rate: $1,100

Serving Fayetteville and surrounding areas (including Atlanta)

There is no time-limit on birth. We are here to provide support as you do what comes naturally. 

The purpose of a doula is to provide support and education as you prepare for and experience child birth. We will help you feel confident as you take an active role in decision-making, teach your partner techniques to support you, educate you about the birthing process, and offer support as you advocate for your needs and preferences.  Doula support will begin at hire and it will end when you feel confident and settled with your new baby.


Virtual doula packages and private birth prep classes are available upon request.

Traditional Birth Doula Services Include: 

Prenatal Support​

  • Phone, text, and email support through your pregnancy to answer any questions, get to know each other and provide evidence-based information. 

  • 1-2 prenatal meetings to discuss birth preferences, labor positions, coping techniques, and emotional preparation for birth.

Labor Support​

  • Your doula will be on-call beginning at 38 weeks to attend your birth!

  • Continuous labor support until the birth of your baby. Support includes emotional and physical support for you and your partner.

  • Your doula will remain with you 1-2 hours after your birth to help you get settled and comfortable with baby.

Postpartum Support​

  • Your doula will be available to provide some guidance in your first days postpartum. She will come for a postpartum visit some time in the first month of the birth, as early or late as you prefer. During this meeting, you can process your birth and early postpartum experience.

  • Your doula can provide referrals to any additional services you may need.

*Gift Certificates Available*

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