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birth doula

Hello, I'm Megan!

  • Birth doula serving Atlanta and surrounding areas.

  • Has attended 140+ births

  • Registered Nurse, works with postpartum mamas


Birth Doula Rate: $1,400

About Me

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with pregnancy and birth.  I grew up in Nevada with horses and there were many nights I stayed awake waiting for a mare to give birth.  These births were magical and each birth I have attended since has left me with the same sense of awe in a mother’s strength.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first son, I began to read everything I could about pregnancy and birth.  I was perplexed by how complicated the medical system makes birth in America today.  I hired a doula to help me navigate the process and I will be forever grateful to her for the guidance and support she provided.  A couple years after my son was born, I decided to go to nursing school at Georgia State and I graduated after the birth of my third son.  Through my labor and delivery rotation, I saw firsthand how important it is for a family to have strong support and evidence-based information when making decisions about their birth.  As a nurse, I felt limited in the amount of support I was able to offer birthing women and followed my heart to become a doula.  As a doula and a Registered Nurse, I can help families make informed decisions about their labor and birth in any birthing environment.  I love being there for my clients through each stage of their birth journey, from getting to know them to helping with the first latch.  

I have learned from my journey through fertility challenges, three births, two miscarriages, and parenting that each situation is different and birth choices are not one size fits all.  This knowledge allows me to provide non-judgmental and unwavering support.   Each of my three births were very different and each of them have been life changing.  I believe supporting women and providing evidence-based information about choices regarding their bodies and their babies allows women to be confident in their decisions ultimately leading to confident mothers.  I respect the differences between people and their life experiences and the choices these differences lead us to make in labor and birth.  I am a strong supporter in human rights and believe all women have a right to a dignified birth of their choosing.  I am grateful to work with all people and all families.  

I live with my husband, three boys, and two dogs in Grant Park.  When I am not at a birth, I love traveling with my family, camping, watching my boys play soccer, cycling, long walks outside with my dogs, and movies.

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